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  1. I must say, that you have explained the whole point of the book wrong. You didn’t even talk about the idea of self-image, which is the most important part and what the book is about in the first place! Psycho Cybernetics isn’t about just imaging stuff to get where you want. Yes, its one of the techniques, but its definitely not the whole point the book is trying to make.
    I would definitly encourage people to check out the book itself, because this review misses out on the most important parts and leads in a wrong direction!

    • Ok. So write a short summary review of the main points here then if what you say is true. So what are the main points than. The audio book is here on YouTube 10 hours long. Listen double 2x speed in 5 hours or explain it in 10 minutes or write the 3 main points in 5 MI utes

    • Thanks for sharing. I actually watch this video because I was considering in getting the book. But now that I read that it isn’t necessarily with the book is about I be intrested in reading what you have to say about it.

    • I agree, this was quite inaccurate, and I know a review of a review of a book ain’t as good as reading it for oneself.

      The video focused too much on imagination, but it’s no good if you don’t believe you match your imagination. Also he mentions a lot of his own life rather Maxwell Maltz’s story of being a surgeon.

      Maxwell wasn’t trying to satisfy a desire for a Ferrari, he was satisfying the feeling that was *behind* the desire for a Ferrari.

  2. I’ve almost watched all your videos, I’ve read a lot of the books you talk of before your channel and I gotta say, thank you. I’ve shown your channel to people that always ask why I’m so level headed. Practice makes perfect when you implement these laws. Love the idea of speed reading since I’m dyslexic.

  3. Thanks for your video well made. in Gratitude for You. I have questions. What if imagination is a limitation? What if you can Choose to go beyond that? What if your limitations are just interesting points of views that you have bought into? What if You can Choose to Change all of that with total ease and joy? What if You Being You is the Magic you are seeking?
    What if you are here to Change Choose and Create Being You The CEO-U of Your Life and Living?

  4. I teach leadership at a high school in Oklahoma City. My students and I are continually inspired by your videos. You are truly making a positive difference in their lives. Thanks again. ~Mickey Dollens

  5. Wow Absolutely loved the video and your story! I have just finished Psycho-cybernetics myself and I feel there is so much more knowledge in that book than you let on here.

    You could have talked about how humans are goal striving creatures and that when working towards a goal we are fulfilled and happy. And when that goal is helping others we become more fulfilled and happy as our creative unconscious mind does things we never realised it could. As Tony Robbins says ‚Living is Giving‘
    Overall though I love your videos, they are inspirational. I just wanted to point out how great a book it is and your subscibers can really benefit from it!

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