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  1. Love network marketing and all that it offers! I was able to retire from the 9-5 at the age of just 29 by getting involved in a fantastic network marketing company.

  2. how much did you pay Tony Robbins for this interview? True transparency would be appreciated if you expect to get any money from us in the future

    • Why would it matter how much he was paid?  If you were telling people you liked your career…. would we have to know how much you got paid… in expressing your opinion of your job.  Sounds ridiculous right?

  3. Dre Selby I had the opportunity to witness Tony Robbins speak live in New Jersey at our National Event. Our Leaders got him t come out and mentor us. He was awesome!

  4. OmG! Never heard the profession of Network Marketing described, so.. “ professionally „. If that was 5 minutes, I can’t imagine entire interview.

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